The intricacies of navigating social media

As some of you are aware, navigating social media can be a harrowing and time-consuming past time. Countless wasted hours fly by, whilst you look at people’s beautiful and joyful lives, mixed with the odd bit of rhetoric and political wrangling. For me, I have people on all sides of the ideals sphere. I can’tContinue reading “The intricacies of navigating social media”

Selling art online – The pitfalls and how I overcame them

Art, these days, is available in the most unlikely of places. Walking down the street, you can find paintings done with spray cans, gracing the walls of once boring, drab buildings. You can turn on your computer and be instantly connected to a world that once thrived only in upmarket showrooms and galleries, where yourContinue reading “Selling art online – The pitfalls and how I overcame them”