Three Reasons you should lift the veil on the mystical world of copywriting

Guest blog post by Kate Dwyer

Damn, you’ve got it going on! You’re stepping up that ladder, onto the stage, into the spotlight. How are you going to stay there?
To stay top of mind, at centre-stage, your name up in lights – you need to be everywhere, on every platform, every media. The website, at least three social media platforms, podcast, audio, video, photo. Or do you? And how do you know what’s going to deliver the best bang for your brand?
Short of breath yet? Overwhelmed. Time to delegate, and chill.
A copywriter is your saviour from the dreaded overwhelm. Copywriters are real people who serve people like you. They seek the wheat from the chaff of your brand message and make it sing to your congregation.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, but don’t have the time to sit still and write the very essence of your purpose in meaningful form (and, really, do you want to be that person?), invest in a copywriter.
Here are the top three reasons you should, and ways to identify a great one:

1. Time!

In a relatively short space of time, a great copywriter will “get” you. You’ll click. Eventually, while you’re doing what you do best, your copywriter is gathering material, distilling it down to it’s most potent and getting it out to the places your ideal clients and audience is hanging out. Imagine finishing your day NOT thinking, “and now I’ve got to put something on social media, come up with some kind of blog for my email list and website, write a script for a video for my next advertisement/promotion/launch/event. Have I posted a guest piece on [insert your ideal publication/website/news source here]? How do I do that?”

2. Knowledge

You’re great at your thing; copywriters are great at theirs. Trusting the experts is a pretty basic value most of us preach, but rarely practice. “If you want a job done right, you should do it yourself, right?” Well, not in this case. Copywriters have the expertise on industry standards, the understanding of what essential ingredients will make your content consumed, how to write what sells without sounding salesy or needy, and align content with your business goals. With the right content, your authority will be established, command attention, affinity, building trust in you and your brand. When your audience knows, likes, and trusts you, your words have met their values and achieved an emotional connection which causes them to take action. Ch-ching!

3. Fresh eyes

You’ve lived in your world a long time. Your ideal audience and clients don’t live in that world. Can you reach them out there? Are you able to communicate the forest for the trees? You’re the expert on your brand, but telling people about it may be a challenge if you can’t see what they see. A copywriter who “gets” you, can also see what your audience sees and bridge that gap with highly engaging content to carry the audience to you, then on the journey alongside your brand, to the paywall/checkout and, most importantly, as part of your tribe who share your message to their tribe.
Copywriters are like wine – the cheap ones are plentiful and usually leave you with a headache. A good copywriter will leave a lasting flavour. A great copywriter will drink with you, ask for another bottle to walk alongside you, be there the next morning with coffee, eggs and a fresh batch of content created while you were having a nice sleep-in.

 About Kate Dwyer

After 18 years in the journalism biz, travel, a husband, three children, a couple of dogs, a free cat, a couple of birds and numerous goldfish, Kate wanted more time to explore, refocus and build a new career. According to Kate, words spark action. They’re fun or serious, sad or enlightening, powerful, meaningful, informative and far-reaching.
Helping entrepreneurs, business people, and anyone with a story to tell, is what Kate does best. Delving deep into what makes your world turn so that together you can find the right words for your brand, your vision, your intentions.
Kate is based in Laurieton, on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia.
You can read more about Kate, and get in contact with her, on her website.

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