The intricacies of navigating social media

As some of you are aware, navigating social media can be a harrowing and time-consuming past time. Countless wasted hours fly by, whilst you look at people’s beautiful and joyful lives, mixed with the odd bit of rhetoric and political wrangling. For me, I have people on all sides of the ideals sphere. I can’t exactly block my old neighbor since birth, because she agrees with Pauline Hanson. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

Now, imagine managing social media accounts for companies. The plot thickens. Starting with Facebook, if you want to sell or take people directly to your website from Instagram, you need to set up something called Facebook Business Manager. Within the aforementioned program, after setting it up, there is a section called a Catalog. You need to create one of those, which by the way is linked to the ads section of the Business Manager. After following all these wonderful steps, you have to wait for the green light from Instagram and Facebook. There is no communication in regard to this. You don’t know if they received it, or if you’ve done something wrong in the process.

And then, there’s the other minor detail. Once Business Manager has been set up, you can’t post or see any of the linked accounts from your personal account. For some reason, they are unavailable. You can either find them through Facebook Pages or through the desktop Business Manager. Not all information is in either of those two programs and it makes it harder, on Facebook, to like and comment under your business names. Very frustrating.

What juicy bits of information can I give you to help?

Interaction is probably the next biggest time consuming but a necessary evil with Instagram and Facebook. It seems the more I interact with comments on Instagram, the more my posts get exposure. That’s all fine and I have a lot of beautiful Instagram accounts I follow, but the time it takes is worthy of a collective eye roll. It is worth the effort, don’t get me wrong, but surely there could be an easier way?

I hear you saying that Instagram and Facebook, want you to pay for the ads, that’s why you are less exposed now. True, but from my perspective, it hasn’t helped my sales, paying for advertising. The bottom line is how much revenue is being brought in from the outlaid cost of advertising. A few likes and follows, well maybe more than a few, is pointless if sales are not coming in. Bills need to be paid and art supplies purchased, not to mention paying for people to help along the way.

People talk about the brand and building that. I’m at a point where the brand won’t exist if the sales don’t start rolling on in. I’ll say it again and a thousand times until you’ve heard it. On Instagram, it is comments, that get you exposure. Not cheesy, crappy comments. Comments with feeling and that are true. I’m sure the Instagram algorithm knows when you are not sincere!

What do I look for when commenting?

Things that I would like to have in my home, on my skin, on my walls, on a leash in my hand and Svalbard (random I know, but I’m a bit obsessed). Following and commenting on things you like or would like to have in your home, makes it easier. You will find that whatever it is you’re commenting on because you like it, it often hits the exact target you’re aiming for, without too much hassle. Last year, I created mini-campaigns for my business, worked hard at it and grew my following significantly (for me). Then Instagram changed their algorithm and all my work went flying on a broomstick, out the window. Thanks, Instagram! It’s taken me a while, but I’m back on track with my little commenting fix. Lucky it’s something I enjoy doing. Although one must keep an eye on the time, or if you’ve got someone who can help in a different time zone, use them too. The clock does not stop ticking.

Points to ponder in your search for the perfect post

Another point to consider is what people care about and what concerns them. On LinkedIn, you would think that people are most concerned with business topics, your current work, and business networking. For me, that is farthest from the truth. My most popular posts are about me and what I’m doing creatively. People actually read my crazy blogs, they love it when I do something with a new business, or, when I talk about helping a brother out. Sharing my former colleague’s posts, not so much.

The reality is, my network, actually like seeing me succeed and do the things I’m passionate about. That same network, has people from all over the world and I’m proud to say, everyone on that network, is pretty nice, bar a couple that I haven’t removed due to knowing who they’re connected with. What can I say, at least I’m honest.

Facebook people love the visual drawings I share, weblinks to my own works and when I change my profile pictures. Instagram people, in my realm, like the weird and wonderful. The dark, surreal, and also the fluffy bunnies. Perhaps it is a reflection of me? Go figure with that one.

No matter where or who you are working for, stay true to yourself

As you build your or someone else’s brand, it is important to remember who you are and how you can leverage that to become a great social media manager of your own making. It doesn’t matter what company you are in. You could be selling software, financial products, or art, it all boils down to you. How are you going to kill it on the trading floor?

Are you building up a following for a fitness supplement and love yoga? Get onto those yoga accounts, drool away and interact. You’ll love it!

It’s all about the person, social media. They don’t care if someone you know is doing something. It’s all about what you are doing. What you’re achieving. So, get out there and show us what you got!


If you’d like help with your social media, I’m game, if you are! Get in contact and we can grab a coffee and take a look at what you’re doing. Otherwise, if you need some artwork for your walls, drop us a line and we can see what we can do.

*Donald Trump has turned me off Twitter. You’ll have to go someplace else to figure that one out.


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