Fine artist with an obsession for painting: Adam Murray

Painting by Adam Murray, lady reclining on a bed in the sun in pink and green

Adam Murray is a fine art painter, based in Port Macquarie, Australia, but ships his femme fatale paintings worldwide.
Subject matter includes, the female form, oceanic scenes and whimsical brush strokes that flow like liquid candy across the canvas. Adam’s art works range from the erotic to the sublime and catch the viewer’s attention with the fine details of an eye of the contour of a still life form.
Not all of Adam’s paintings are of an erotic nature, with whales and typography also featuring amongst his body of works. If he is given a subject or commissioned to complete a specific piece of art, Adam rises to the challenge and quite often, surprises his benefactors with the surreal beauty of his paintings.
The process behind Adam’s work predominately revolves around the female form, where the thought of a painting begins, upon seeing a girl-shape on Instagram. Specifically, the way light falls or the pose captured on film. Photographers, magazines, and models are pursued in the hope of capturing an excited brush stroke that can be laid onto a canvas, the same as a lover is carried and put down onto a warm bed.
When a drawing is successful in the mind of the artist, the subject is pushed further, with more drawings created and a smaller painting is etched onto a canvas. If, after the small painting, Adam is still inspired, excited even, about how the work is progressing, another, often larger painting is created.
A lot of the base material inspiration, only go as far as one drawing, but some can become the focus for a week or longer, where the subject is fully explored, evolving from drawing to painting, in rapid succession.
For Adam, art is a constant necessity in his life, with his mind never really dissuading from the thought of making art and this need is similar to an addiction, where it needs to be carried out on a daily basis. The mystery of how thoughts come into the mind as solid pictures can sometimes waylay Adam from missing a spoken story, with visual stimulation exploding in his mind. A colour, shape or the typographic curve of a sign, can be the basis on which a painting is started, photographs and digital images are more like a filler and are used because models are hard to come by in the modern age.
Making mistakes along the way is all part of the adventure and have pushed Adam to learn and resolve to become better, new paths opening up as he practices his craft. Adam admits it’s not all smooth sailing, but likes the challenge of not being bored with the same subject matter, on a daily basis.
As, with the vast majority of artists, Adam worked odd jobs in between studying at art school, dreaming of the day, when he could practice his art on a full-time basis. Ten years later, he is living that reality, creating murals for restaurants and community buildings, alongside selling his paintings privately and at art fairs, often-times shipping worldwide.
Living a simple life, Adam is content to continue making art and being the determined person that he is, will continue to do so, no matter what fate throws at him, continuously evolving, and pushing his visual limits, beyond what you or I can see.
Adam’s work is available through his Facebook page, Instragram account or via direct message.

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