Feature artist: Photographer, David Gardiner

Black and white photograph of a sailing ship

David is an Australian photographer and musician living in London.

David predominately shoots with a Canon EOSM10, an easy to manipulate camera, that contains more complex functions, for times when lighting or shutter speed needs to be adjusted on site. When editing, David utilises Canon Digital Professional 4 software.
There are many reasons why David picked up a camera, the main one being to push himself to do better, finding the challenge of the composition and subject and training the eye to see beyond the normal field of vision. Natural contrasts, the way the light hits a building or simple human interaction, raises the bar on David’s expectations, enlivening him when a good shot is captured. It can, on some occasions, be cause for beer consumption, when a brilliant frame is presented in front of him and captured on the screen.

Goals are key to pushing the creative boundaries

Working with the goal of posting one image a day on Instagram, David finds pushing himself to produce, enables the ability to find new and interesting viewpoints or realizing there was something quite magical, sitting right outside your door.
It still takes huge amounts of self-composure, to walk up to somebody and request their permission to photograph them or explain to upset strangers, why you are taking pictures near them, but David soldiers on and his calm and smiling personality soon dissuades people to his side of the coin.
He describes his photographic process, to be inspired by Martin Schoellar.

“Shoot often, shoot a lot, don’t spend time polishing turds.”

Martin Schoellar

Martin’s theory is to take a lot of photos, repeatedly, and doesn’t try to make the bad ones look good. Which in turn, saves a lot of editing hours. This philosophy works well for David, as he has only recently embarked on shooting full time and not taking yourself seriously is important when you’re just starting out. Learning through trial and error is a way forward and when taking photographs, the real lesson is in studying the final image. Is there light enough? Does the composition work? If it doesn’t, going back and checking the camera light settings, adjusting and making sure there is time spare for setup, prior to shooting, is paramount.

Photographic compositions and creating a sense of place

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time can also snap you some good shots. David has a couple of ways to find places to shoot. Between jobs, when he has spare time, David picks a place he thinks is interesting and takes a trip, wandering around taking photographs. Alternatively, if he is traveling to a new place and hasn’t shot there before, David takes his camera along, recording the journey.
Keeping an open mind about a new place, helps David capture its essence, finding the best compositions are the ones stumbled upon and are not necessarily part of a pre-conceived ideal of the famous cathedral or historical monument. Finding your specific style can take a lifetime and it’s something David is still working on, as he works his way through the visual aperture of the photographic world. Photography for David could be somewhat like meditation in the respect of emptying the mind and not looking too much at what others in the field are doing.

What inspires the photographic process?

David seeks out the quirky and strange when taking photographs. This includes the angle and composition, where the photograph is taken.  Artistic freedom is held dearly to David and fastidious editing combined with over-thinking photographic shoots, are not high on the list in his process. In the future, this could change, but for now, David is happy where he is, in between landscape and perspective photography, with an emphasis on natural elements and historical buildings.

“The satisfaction of creating something beautiful that can be shared and given with appreciation is what keeps any artist going, encouraging them to improve, day by day, is what keeps me going.”

David Gardiner, Photographer

David is a multi-talented creative, also singing in a band and being good with statistics, besides fulfilling his passion taking photographs.

Contact details

You can contact David through his Instagram account for purchase inquiries.

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